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By: izhal abdul halin

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Sunday, 26-Feb-2006 17:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MUPA at the Play Ground

faiq dan jaring
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I owe this entry to Mr. Suhaimi at who has tought me how to post nice big shots from my mobile phone here. Now its easier to view the pictures without the hassle pf clicking each thumbnail view... Again, Suhaimi-san, arigato-gozaimashita...

I hope you'd enjoy the shots I took around 4.30pm at a playground in Hamamatsu, Japan...

Friday, 24-Feb-2006 13:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark

panning tangan sendiri
panning shuriken ninja
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sebenarnya ni kes monkey see monkey do... tengok ramai orang buat panning kat pesta lumba basikal tour de langkawi baru2 ni, so saya cubalah... sekurang-kurangnya kalau cucu esok tanya, bolehlah saya jawab,Atuk pun pernah panning dulu wooo...

lepas ni saya tak buat dah panning pakai handphone ni... hasilnya entah hapo2...


26 Feb 2006, added a few more panning pictures...

Friday, 17-Feb-2006 11:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

air di tingkap
air di bumbung
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Thank you for visiting my lame fotopages. I hope you all enjoy the photos taken using my mobile phone (MUPA) in macroshot mode. MUPA is a 1.3MP Toshiba A5506T phone. One of these days I'll post MUPA for all to see...

The pictures have a very gloomy mood...I would like to experiment with panning using my MUPA but I doubt that it'll work. So I'll just give it a shot one of these days...

By the way you can call the MUPA at +081-090-3455-6237 or email it at

Monday, 13-Feb-2006 02:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MUPA at the Mall

drive by shooting
for Mr. WIFI
jusco bathroom decor
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These are a few shots taken yesterday at Jusco Kamijima, Hamamatsu... At the end of the day, we got hungry and parked MUPA at a nice cozy Japanese restaurant. As you can see Japanese food is very well presented. As you cant taste, its not as good as it looks. Malaysian, Indian and Italian food is still the best.

Thursday, 9-Feb-2006 13:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MUPA at mount Fuji and Gotemba

jauh lagi nak sampai
light at the end of the tunnel
faiq ambil sendiri
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These are a few photos I took during todays trip to Mount fuji and Gotemba. A special thanks to Mr. Matsuda that helped our family when out car was cought on black ice somewhere on Mt. Fuji. I simply couldn't manouver the car but Mr. Matsuda (orang baik di puncak Fuji) handled it easily. A total stranger, me and him and we couldnt even understand each other's tounge... Without his assistance, MUPA couldn't have taken the pictures I share here today...

May Allah repay your kindness, Mr. Matsuda... Amin

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